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6/5/14 - Sorry about the late update! Act III is coming soon!

26/4/14 - We've opened up a forum! Talk about Marla Here.

18/4/14 - Hey! Surprise update! Enjoy!

10/3/14 - Hey guys! our site's back up, and we've got two updates for you!

27/12/13 - hey all, sorry about the late update! hope you all are having a good holiday break!

18/10/13 - sorry about the late update, there was a problem with a new pen, and that set us back a bit.

18/7/13 - A new scene involving an old face starts up today.

19/6/13 - Happy Birthday to Blake! Check out Iris by Morgan Stewart and Ian Lawrence!

1/4/13 - Start of a new scene!

18/2/13 - Hey guys! Elis is in the middle of moving, so once they settle, the pages will be re-scanned.

14/2/13 - Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

31/1/13 - Elis has internet back!

31/12/12 - Happy New Year in advance!

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